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Somatic Psychotherapy Toolbox

125 Worksheets and Exercises to treat Trauma and Stress

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“A thorough, thoughtful, and immensely practical workbook written to help therapists work with clients' bodily responses, not just with their actions and emotions. Manuela Mischke-Reeds has a compassionate voice that imbues her very precise somatic interventions and suggestions with warmth and clinical wisdom.”
-Janina Fisher, PhD

From W. W. Norton in the 8 Keys to Mental Health Series:
8 Keys to Practicing Mindfulness

Practical Strategies for Emotional Health and Well-Being

Mindfulness can be defined as the ability to be present with your experiences without judgment; to witness your thoughts, feelings, and sensations with curiosity during both ordinary and dramatic moments.

If you strive to be more awake and alive in your daily life, if you feel stressed, want to improve your relationships, or gain more resources to get you through hard times, mindfulness can be the answer. The 8 “keys” in this book will help readers foster a calm, sustained, and mindful inner state that leads to rejuvenation, connection, and confidence. Practical teachings are applied through stories and descriptions, and easy-to-understand exercises walk readers through every key.

For anyone who wants to learn how to use the power of mindfulness to transform their daily life and to deal with problems such as stress, trauma, anxiety, depression, and even addiction, this book will guide the way.

April 2015 • Paperback, 224 pages, $19.95 $15.96 •


Foreword by Babette Rothschild • Introduction • Key 1: Meet the Present Moment • Key 2: Start Where You Are • Key 3: Slow Down • Key 4: Befriend Your Body • Key 5: Trust Your Sensations, Tame Your Emotions • Key 6: Ride Through Tough Times • Key 7: Cultivate Inner Calmness • Key 8: Choose Abundance • Epilogue: Mindfulness for the Road

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